A Guide to the comics of G.I. Joe and Action Force
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Where to Buy GI Joe / Action Force Comics

The best way to start off your collection is usually to do a bulk buy unsurprisingly on an E-Bay auction, you can then dip in every so often to pick off the ones you don't have.


Sometimes the ones you're after never seem to come up, so here are some websites I used to complete my collection.





For more recent comics the best website I found was


It might be a bit expensive to buy complete series from this website but it is perfect for that odd issue or mini series.

For trade paperbacks I tend to use Amazon, who are usually quite good but will tend to string you along for 6 months for books that they can't find before informing you.


Other useful sites I found for recent issues were



Although Forbidden Planet do subscritions they need a minimum of three subscriptions before they accept your order but they are very fast at delivery.

Battle Action Force comics are a lot more difficult to find, besides e-bay a another good site is


If there is any other sites that you found helpful please contact me at feedback@gijoe-actionforce.co.uk and I'll add them to the site.



The ultimate site for the Battle Action Force era, there are scans of the entire series and more.  They're currently in the middle of a colouring project of the original black and white strips which will further enhance the enjoyment of these classics.  There's also a link to a pretty good forum on there too.


Includes the definitive comic archive for all the American series including cover galleries and breakdowns of most of the issues.


Everything you need to know about the GI Joe Reloaded series plus a wide ranged forum.

If there's any other sites that you think are worth linking to from this page please contact me with a description at feedback@gijoe-actionforce.co.uk 



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