A Guide to the comics of G.I. Joe and Action Force
Continuity and Chronology

This list covers everything including the first three 25th anniversary comics written by Larry Hama.  I haven't managed to get hold of the ones released since, but once I do, I'll see if I can fit these in.

There are a few issues of regular series that have not been included; the reasons for these can be found in the Other Continuities page. Unfortunately Action Force Weekly as much as I like them doesn't fit into the continuity for several clashes in storylines. However a lot of Action Force Monthly Issues have made it in just to keep some of the brilliant British writing in there.

If there is anything that you don't agree with or have comments please contact me at feedback@gijoe-actionforce.co.uk

SED1= Snake-Eyes: Declassified
SEDTP= Snake-Eyes: Declassified TPB 
SD1= Scarlett: Declassified
GID1= GI Joe: Declassified
DND1= Dreadnoks: Declassified
G1= Original Marvel GI Joe Series
SM1= Special Missions
YB1= Yearbook
25th1= 25th Anniversary comics released with fugure sets
AF1= Action Force Monthly (GI Joe:European Missions)
GT1= GI Joe and the Transformers
DD1= Devil's Due Original Series
FL1= Frontline
M&A1= Master & Apprentice
2M&A1= Master & Apprentice 2
ASV1= Arashikage Showdown Volume 1
RSTPB= The Rise Of The Red Shadows TPB
AE1= America's Elite
HFCC= The Hunt For Cobra Commander 25c Special
SMM= Special Missions : Manhattan
SMT= Special Missions : Tokyo
SMA= Special Missions : Antartica
SMB= Special Missions : Brazil
SMTE= Special Missions : The Enemy
SS1= Storm Shadow


SED1 Behind Every Mystery Lies A Truth To Be Told
SED2 Once You've Buried Everyone You Love, What Do You Love For?

1974 - 1977

SED 3 When You Hit Rock Bottom, The Only Place To Run To Is Your Brother
SED 4 What Force Could Possibly Shatter The Bond Of Brotherhood
SED 5 A Single Arrow Flies.  Brothers Become Enemies. Pages 1-13


SED 5 A Single Arrow Flies.  Brothers Become Enemies. Pages 15-18


SED 5 A Single Arrow Flies.  Brothers Become Enemies. Page19 Onwards
SED 6 War, Loss, Betrayal, Death : From Tragedy, The Legend Is Born. Pages 1-8
SD 1 Scarlett: Declassified
SED 6 War, Loss, Betrayal, Death : From Tragedy, The Legend Is Born. Page 9 Onwards


DND1 Dreadnoks: Declassified Chapter 1
DND1 Dreadnoks: Declassified Chapter 2
DND1 Dreadnoks: Declassified Chapter 3


GID 1 G I Joe: Declassified Chapter 1
GID 2 G I Joe: Declassified Chapter 2
GID 3 G I Joe: Declassified Chapter 3 Pages 1-30
G1 Operation : Lady Doomsday
GID 3 G I Joe: Declassified Chapter 3 Page 31 Onwards
G1 ...Hot Potato!
G2 Panic At The North Pole
G3 The Trojan Gambit
G4 Operation : Wingfield
G5 "Tanks" For The Memories...
G6 To Fail Is To Conquer To Succeed Is To Die
G7 Walls Of Death


G8 Code Name : Sea Strike!
G9 The Diplomat
G10 A Nice little Town Like Ours...
G11 The Pipeline Ploy!
G12 "Three Strikes For Snake-Eyes"
G13 Last Plane From Rio Lindo
G14 Destro Attacks
G15 Red-Eye To Miami!
25th32.5 A Day In The Life Of Springfield
G16 Night Attack!
G17 Loose Ends
G18 Destro Returns!
G19 Joe Triumphs!

G20 "Home Is Where The WAR Is!"
SEDTP Silent Prelude (The Silent Saga - This is a bit complicated!!)
25th21B Silence Between Borders Pages 1-2
G21 Silent Interlude Pages 1-4
25th21B Silence Between Borders Pages 3-6
G21 Silent Interlude Pages 5-8
25th21B Silence Between Borders Pages 7-9
G21 Silent Interlude Pages 9-10
25th21B Silence Between Borders Page 10
G21 Silent Interlude Pages 11-13
25th21B Silence Between Borders Pages 11-13
G21 Silent Interlude Page 14
25th21B Silence Between BordersPage 14
G21 Silent Interlude Page 15
25th21B Silence Between Borders Page 15
G21 Silent Interlude Page 16
25th21B Silence Between Borders Page 16
G21 Silent Interlude Page 17
25th21B Silence Between Borders Page 17
G21 Silent Interlude Page 18
25th21B Silence Between Borders Page 18
G21 Silent Interlude Page 19
25th21B Silence Between Borders Page 19
G21 Silent Interlude Page 20
25th21B Silence Between Borders Page 20
G21 Silent Interlude Page 21
25th21B Silence Between Borders G21 
G21 Silent Interlude Page 22
25th21B Silence Between Borders G22
G22 "Like Chimney Sweepers Come To Dust"
G23 Cobra Commander Captured At Last!
G24 The Commander Escapes!
G25 Zartan!
G26 Snake-Eyes : The Origin
G27 Snake-Eyes : The Origin Part II
G28 Swampfire!
G29 Beached Whale
G30 Darkness
G31 All Fall Down!
G32 The Mountain!
G33 Celebration!
G34 Shakedown!
G35 Dreadnoks On The Loose!
G36 All The Ships At Sea
25th36.5 A Bad Day At The Circus
G37 Twin Brothers
G38 Judgements
G39 Walk Through The Jungle
G40 Hydrofoil
G41 Strategic Diplomacy
G42 "Ties That Bind"
G43 Crossroads

G44 Improvisation On A Theme
G50 Best Defence (Special Missions preview in Issue 50)
YB2 Triple Play
SM1 "That Sinking Feeling" 
G45 In Search Of Candy
G46 "Who's Who On Cobra Island"
G47 Sea Duel
G48 Slaughter
G49 Serpentor
G50 The Battle Of Springfield
G51 Thunder Machine
G52 Snap Decisions
GT1 Blood On The Tracks
G53 Pit-Fall
GT2 "Power Struggle"
GT3 Ashes, Ashes...
GT4 ...All Fall Down!
SM2 Words Of Honor
SM3 Burn-Out

G54 Launch Base
G55 Unmaskings
G56 Jungle Moves
G57 Strange Bedfellows
YB3 Hush Job
G58 Desperate Moves
SM4 No Holds Barred
SM5 Showdown!
G59 Divergent Paths
G60 Cross Purposes
G61 Beginnings... ...And Endings
SM6 Evasion
G62 "Transit"
G63 "Going Under"
SM7 "The Old Switcheroo"
G64 "Maneuvering For Position"
G65 Shuttle Complex
SM8 Ambush
G66 The Tenth Letter
G67 "Cold Snap"


SM9 "Plausible Denial"
G68 Cut And Freeze Dried
YB4 Trade Offs / Bystander
SM11 Sheep's Clothing
G69 Into The Breach
G70 Fair Trade
G71 Bailout
AF1 Double Bluff / Double Cross
SM10 Turnabout
AF2 Death Or Glory
AF3 Old Scores / The Cold Zone
AF4 The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea / Betrayal
AF5 Gunships
SM12 Airshow
AF7 Smooth Operators
AF9 Diamond Lies
SM13 Washout
AF10 Blood Brothers / Bats Out Of Hell / War Correspondence!
AF11 Wild, Wild-Life
SM14 In From The Cold
SM15 ...And Into The Fire
G72 Stiletto
G73 Divided We Fall
G74 Alliance Of Convenience
G75 Holding Actions!
G76 All's Fair
G77 Aftershocks
G78 Payback!
SM18 Extraction
SM19 Getting There
G79 Dreadnoks Rule!
G80 Rolling Thunder
SM17 All In A Night's Work
SM16 Tight Circle
G81 Plots And Tracts
G82 Weeding Out
G83 Roadpig
G84 Converging Destinies
AF12 Super Trooper
SM20 Snow Blind
AF15 Nights In Armour!
SM21 The Lower Depths
G86 ...Not Fade Away
SM22 Decisions
SM23 Scoop
G87 Assault On Castle Destro
G88 Python Patrol
SM25 Forced Play
G89 Mean Dog
G90 Recurring Dreams
G91 No Simple Solution
SM26 Passing Of The Guard
G92 Thunderclap
SM27 Mexican Holiday
SM28 Condor
G93 Taking The Plunge
G94 Exterminating Circumstances (Or Bern This)
G95 No Turning Back
G96 The Hexagram Completed

G97 What Goes Around Comes Around
G98 He's Back
G99 Calm Before The Storm
G100 Seeds Of Empire
G101 The New Guard
G102 What Did He Say?
G103 Amazing The Welkin
G104 Hero Of The People
G105 Hidden Aces
G106 I Lift My Lamp
G107 "Enter The Night Creepers"
G108 Apparent Conclusions
G109 Death In The Desert
G110 Escalator To Armageddon


G111 Probe and Feint!
G112 Who's The Hero?
G113 Previous Agreement
G114 Metal-Head!
G115 Counting Coup!
G119 Double Trouble

G116 Destro Must Die!
G117 Escape From Castle Destro
G118 Deceptions & Diversions
G120 Return To The Silent Castle
G121 Slice & Dice & Everything Nice
G122 Transformer!
G123 Shots In The Dark!
G124 Triptech!
G125 Diptych!
G126 Firefly!
G127 Playing With The Big Boys
G128 Winds Of Change
G129 Stand Off
G130 Point And Counterpoint!
G131 Last Stand


G132 Bump In The Night
G133 Recon By Fire!
G134 Throw Down In The Citadel
G143 Dark Island
G135 Ninjas Own The Night
G136 Reversals And Betrayals!
G137 The Traitor Strikes!
G138 Unfoldings!
G139 Realignments
G140 Goin' South
G141 Sucker Punch
G142 Final Transformations
Concluded in Transformers Generation 2 - Issue 2 All or Nothing!*
G144 Snake-Eyes : The Tale Untold

*Note- GI Joe make a further appearance in Transformers Generation 2 : Issue 6 which has no connecting storylines back to the main GI Joe series. 


G145 Threads And Resolutions
G146 Immovable Objects
G147 Oblivion Express
G148 Irresistible Forces
G149 Heroes And Medals And Things
G150 Slam Dance In The Cyber-Castle
G151 Cobra Renewed!
G152 ...Just Fade Away
G153 Shadow Of The B.A.T.
G154 Flying The Unfriendly Skies
G155 A Letter From Snake-Eyes


FL1 The Mission That Never Was Part 1: "One If By Land"
FL2 The Mission That Never Was Part 2: "Two If By Sea"
FL3 The Mission That Never Was Part 3: "Assault On The Silent Castle"
FL4 The Mission That Never Was Part 4: "Endgame"


FL9 Family History Part 1
FL10 Family History Part 2
M&A1 Episode 1 Pages 1-9 Panel 4


M&A1 Episode 1 Page 9 Panel 5 Onwards


M&A2 Episode 2 Pages 1-8


M&A2 Episode 2 Page 9 Onwards
M&A3 Episode 3
M&A4 Episode 4


DD5 Out For Blood


DD1 Reinstated! Part 1
DD2 Reinstated! Part 2
DD3 Reinstated! Part 3
DD4 Reinstated! Part 4


DD6 "Reckonings" Part 1
DD7 "Reckonings" Part 2
DD8 "Reckonings" Part 3
DD9 "Reckonings" Part 4
DD10 Malfunction! Part 1
DD11 Malfunction! Part 2
DD12 Malfunction! Part 3
DD13 Malfunction! Part 4


DD14 Homecoming Part 1
DD15 Homecoming Part 2
FL5 Icebound Chapter 1 - "A Day In The Life"
FL6 Icebound Chapter 2 - "Early Thaw"
FL7 Icebound Chapter 3 - "Cold Comfort"
FL8 Icebound Chapter 4 - "Run For Daylight"
DD16 The Family
DD17 The Cabal
DD18 The Cabal Part 2
DD19 The Cabal Part 3
FL11 History Repeating Part 1
FL12 History Repeating Part 2
FL13 History Repeating Part 3
FL14 History Repeating Part 4
FL15 "Going Home"
DD20 Closure Part 1
DD21 Closure Part 2
FL16 Security
FL17 Training Day
FL18 Recipe For Destruction
DD22 The Last Stand Part 1
DD23 The Last Stand Part 2
DD24 The Last Stand Part 3
DD25 The Last Stand Part 4


DD26 "Scott Sturgis is A Reasonable Man..."
DD27 "Paradigm Shift"
DD28 "Players And Pawns" Part 1
DD29 "Players And Pawns" Part 2
DD30 "Players And Pawns" Part 3
DD31 "Players And Pawns" Part 4
DD32 "Players And Pawns" Part 5
DD33 "The Road Less Travelled"
DD31 "Fantom" Part 1
DD32 "Fantom" Part 2
DD33 "Fantom" Part 3
DD34 "Bad Moon Rising" Part 1
DD35 "Bad Moon Rising" Part 2
ASV1 Arashikage Showdown
DD36 "Union Of The Snake" Part 1 - "Shroud"
DD37 "Union Of The Snake" Part 2
DD38 "Union Of The Snake" Part 3
DD39 "Union Of The Snake" Part 4
DD40 "Union Of The Snake" Part 5 Pages 1 & 2


2M&A1 Episode 1
2M&A2 Episode 2
2M&A3 Episode 3 Pages 1-9
DD40 "Union Of The Snake" Part 5 Page 3 Onwards
DD41 "Union Of The Snake" Part 6
2M&A3 Episode 3 Page 10 Onwards
2M&A4 Episode 4
DD42 The Rise Of The Red Shadows Part 1
DD43 The Rise Of The Red Shadows Part 2
RSTPB Rest Well, Soldier


HFCC The Hunt For Cobra Commander
AE0 The Newest War
AE1 Shocked And Awed
AE2 Peeling The Onion
AE3 Gangster Bang! Pages 1-3
SMM Manhattan
AE3 Gangster Bang! Page 4 Onwards
AE4 The Reckoning
AE5 Damage Report
AE6 The Hunt For True Love
AE7 Forth And Twenty
AE8 Depth Charges
AE9 Crimson, Not Red Enough
AE5 The Past Comes Back Part 1
AE6 The Past Comes Back Part 2
AE10 Risen
AE11 Reunited
AE12 Back In Black
AE13 Dark Horizon Line
SMM Brothers Keeper
SMT Tokyo
SMT Juliet
AE14 The Rising
AE15 What Lies Beneath
AE16 Take Down
AE17 What The Tables Do
AE18 After The Fall Pages 1-20
SMTE The Grading Curve - A Prologue To World War III
AE18 After The Fall Pages Pages 21 Onwards
AE19 All The King's Horses...
AE20 ...All The King's Men


SMA Antartica
SMA Tactical Benefit
SMB Brazil
SMB Prelude To A Kiss
AE21 Sins Of The Mother Part 1
AE22 Sins Of The Mother Part 2
AE23 Sins Of The Mother Part 3
AE24 Sins Of The Mother Part 4
SMTE The Enemy*
SS1 Storm Shadow Episode 1
SS2 Storm Shadow Episode 2
SS3 Storm Shadow Episode 3
SS4 Storm Shadow Episode 4
SS5 Storm Shadow Episode 5
SS6 Storm Shadow Episode 6

* Story set over approx 30 year period.  To dismantle into continuity would detract from the contrasting points of the story.  This episode is best kept together as a 25th anniversary tribute)


SS7 Storm Shadow Episode 7
AE25 World War III - Part I: Havoc!
AE26 World War III - Part II: Without A Hope, Without A Soul
AE27 World War III - Part III: Into The Wild
AE28 World War III - Part IV: Manufacturing Consent
AE29 World War III - Part V: Overthrow
AE30 World War III - Part VI: Cleansing Fire
AE31 World War III - Part VII: Tribulation
AE32 World War III - Part VIII: War Without End
AE33 World War III - Part IX: Metamorphosis
AE34 World War III - Part X: Enemies In Need
AE35 World War III - Part XI: Scorched Earth
AE36 World War III - Part XII: Hell



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